To sip is to know. To taste is to explore. From estates across the Indian tea growing region & out of the country, we have carefully chosen the finest of the single estate teas, bringing to the portfolio not only the classic teas but handmade teas along with bespoke infusions created by our in house tea sommeliers. Anandini Himalaya Tea curates workshops & hi tea events not only for individuals who are tea enthusiasts but the corporates too thus bringing to the table the finer nuance of the beverage that is to be sipped and not drunk. Tea appreciation, tea tasting, tea paired with chocolate and cheese and with few chosen restaurants tea and food pairing too, we encourage tea lovers to see, smell, touch, feel, sip and absorb. We at Anandini Himalaya Tea welcome you to the Sensorial Journey of the sunshine in a cup, tea by tea. We are happy to share our knowledge. All we require is an open mind and a palate ready to taste!

As a part of sharing the experience and learning about the beverage, we bring together customised workshops for corporates, for individual tea lovers living in India, for expats and for our friends from overseas who would like to know what tea is all about. Please send an email for further details to curate the perfect workshop or a high tea for you. 



 Tea Appreciation Workshop for the Food & Beverage Industry. 

Education is the key to connect the tea producers, tea manufacturers, tea sommeliers to the food and beverage industry that serves the golden sunshine in a cup. Anandini  Himalaya Tea Appreciation workshops bridges the gap with the fine dining restaurants and hotels of the country to bring to the forefront the importance, the relevance and the finer nuance of Tea. With their ability to understand the sea of tea that exists & more so give the relevance to the mother of tea which is 'water', the ability to comprehend the two leaf and the bud and in turn make the perfect cup, creates the tea sipping ceremony an experience to savor.

Photo: Workshop at Indian Accent, New Delhi. The leading restaurant of the country and the only restaurant to be featured in the the World's 50 Best.



Mangolicious Tea Workshop 

Pairing with a Twist! Welcome Summer! Fresh, pure, real! To name a few:
* Aam panna with a Twist of Tea
* Aam ras again with a splash of the Miracle beverage
* Mango Salsa with Tea dressing & Lavash
(oil free, fresh and delicious)





Tea & Cheese Pairing:

A first in India & we at Anandini Himalaya Tea are thrilled to introduce Tea with the unimaginable. Be ready to be surprised with the explosion of flavours.

The favourite is the Pine-wood smoked Tea with the Smoked Gouda but that which has always captures the fancy of the audience is the surprise element of Chèvre / Fresh Goat Cheese!