Artisanal Tea Gift Box

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2 beautiful teas. A set of Calming Tea and Energy Metabolism Booster Tea. First Flush ( Orange Pekeo) with lavender and lemon Grass is the calming tea; and Green Tea, Himalayan Tulsi and Pomegranate flowers is the energy booster.

First Flush, lavender and lemon grass

Tranquillity of lavender enhance with Lemon grass. A unique blend that helps a person calm down after a stressful day.

Time ~ Evening, Bed time Tea

Taste ~ Floral taste with citrus undertone, a bright yellow cup and floral smell.


Green Tea, Himalayan Tulsi and Pomegranate flowers ~ Energy Metabolism Booster

An excellent cup to wake up to. With all the goodness of Himalayan Tulsi grown above 7000 feet and the health properties of pomegranate. Tea to boost ones energy throughout the day

Time ~ Morning Tea

Taste ~ Sweet floral with a roundness of fresh vegetables.

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