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Sencha is considered to be the emperor of green tea. It is handpicked, steamed and carefully dried in the traditional Japanese style giving the cup a delicate herbaceous aroma and sweetness on the palate.  It is high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

When brewed, this tea has a greenish golden color, a refreshing aroma and a good balance between astringency and sweetness. Sencha is noted for its delicate sweetness, mild astringency and flowery-green aroma.  the spring crops are enriched with nutrients, especially amino acids, sugars and catechins, which enhance the flavor and aroma of springKnown to be high in antioxidants, green tea has found fame as a cure-all health elixir: reputed to boost weight loss, reduce cholesterol, and combat all sorts of ailments

Method of Infusion:

In a kyusu ( Japanese tea pot ) add 250ml of water heated at 80 degree Centigrade. The leaves added is 1g per 50ml of water. Add the leaves accordingly.

And let it infuse it for a minute and a half. Pour into cups and serve.


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