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Welcome Winters

 The Source

Sprawled across 650 acres, this bio-diverse tea plantation, Manjhee Valley Tea Estate was begun by the early British planters, over a century ago. It nestles comfortably in the lap of snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges of the Kangra region of the Himalayas. Like a maestro, this jewel occasionally pulls a veil of mist around it when working on its masterpieces.


Emerald Spiced Tea

 Rejuvenation in a cup. An infusion of hand plucked green tea amalgamated with an exotic natural blend of clove, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon with a splash of brilliant orange marigold flowers to warm the body and soothe the mind. The notes that come to the forefront are sweetness with warmth. There is a sense of ease with every sip as one is reminded of home & the goodness of all that is natural.



 Punjeeri for us is ‘Mitti ki khusboo’ which translates to the ‘fragrance of the soil’.

The heart still yearns for those cold Delhi winter days when our naniji would sit comfortably on the charpoy and give us bowlful of ‘Punjeeri’ which she had learnt from her mother. Now what you are about to taste is what was made in the early 1900’s. This has been lovingly made by the third generation, using the same technique, same recipe, same love & patience by our masi, Jeevan Gandotra who weaves the ‘precious’ into our lives. It is health in a bottle that our ancestors swore by.

As it guards your body against the winter ailments, the goodness in the spiced green tea increases your immunity. Together they welcome winters like never before.


Ingredients: Wheat, semolina, five types of seeds: musk melon, watermelon, sunflower, pumpkin, cucumber along with ghee, dried almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, sugar and phool makhana.


The Anandini Collection

As in all creative cycles there is a starting point and the end result. At the point of balance the beginning and the end merge leaving no trace of either.

“Great blends” follows a similar path to attain “divine balance”!



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