Tea Chronicles: What is White Tea?

Posted on May 30 2017

No my friend, the raw leaves are not white. They are as green as can be The name does not stem because of such reason. 

White tea or Silver Needle Tea is basically the bud (the unopened leaf) that has been sun dried. There is no manufacturing done to wither or dry it in the dryer. At a specific time early in the day when the sun is about to rise, ladies and men head out in the cold mist while the dew drops still lie sleepy on the leaf. Each bud is plucked gently and taken back to the factory only to sun dry it. The bud has soft white hair which makes it shimmer and look white. The buds are plucked once a year. 

The tea is considered to be an exquisite elixir giving ample emphasis to the rarity of good white tea. It is as delicate as can be and is minimally processed. 

Note: regarding the caffeine in each of the teas, we will address it soon. 



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